Stir the Plot 32: An Eclectic Cast of Cajuns

Cole might see dead people, but he certainly won’t find any dead jokes in this week’s Sixth Sense episode! Join Dr. Malcolm Crowe on a quest to rescue his magical protégé from the clutches of the FBI, and unlock the power of the Sixth Sense in all of us. Some talking points: The Bill Gates Dating Show, the truth behind World War II, and the adventures of Jimothy Bucklebottom.

Stir the Plot 31: Dogwelder Bath Water

This week we’re revisiting that debatably golden era of 1996’s Space Jam, and stirring it into a superhero origin movie! Can Michael Jordan embrace his new powers and defeat his arch-nemesis The Benchwarmer? Some talking points: Air Bud rules, Purge: The Musical, and finding love in the bubonic plague.

Stir the Plot 30: All Hail Kevin Bacon (ft. One Take Pod)

This week we’re teaming up with the boys from One Take Pod to make up the plot of 1988’s Akira! Join our main character Kaneda and his Kevin Bacon dance cult as they ignite a footloose fever in Tokyo. Some talking points: Night at the Moon Museum, Jake Paul vs The Annoying Orange, and Ben Franklin’s lightning lawsuits.

Stir the Plot 29: Complimentary Towel Lashings

This week we’re hopping back on the Nolan train! There’s comedy within comedy as we peel back the layers of 2010’s Inception and spin it into a mind-bending Beyblade assassin flick. Some talking points: death by frisbee golf, Wilson the island demon, and the Beast Titan’s front butt.

Stir the Plot 28: Not Another Army Commercial

Today we’re dipping our toes in the cool comedy waters of the 2020 romcom Palm Springs! Join us as we twist this plot into an Oscar-bait historical drama, complete with love, loss, and kamikaze dynamite goats. Some talking points: the Origami Trail, Walter Mitty the polaroid killer, and Colton’s dishonorable discharge.

Stir the Plot 27: Mr. Tumnus the Elder Emo

Today we’re stirring the plot of Midsommar into a chick-flick wedding turned cerebral drama! Can those two genres coexist? Who cares! Join Terry and her fellow bridesmaids as they venture deep into the cold heart of Hot Topic in search of hidden secrets and spiritual healing. Some talking points: Krispy Kreme’s awful holiday, hidden portals to Sweden, and Nick Cannon’s time-warping drum skills.

Stir the Plot 26: Zack Snyder’s Santa Squad

Today we stir up the plot of Zack Snyder’s Justice League into a holiday battle for the North Pole! Can the united force of every Santa on earth defeat Jeff Bezos and his Amazon armies? It’s up to the Stir the Plot boys to find out! Some talking points: jealous Terminator boyfriends, intergalactic Krampus, and storming the capitol with Mary Berry.

Stir the Plot 25: WandaFission

This week we spin Marvel’s WandaVision into a cold-war apocalyptic thriller full of action, romance, and nuclear fallout! There’s plenty of radiation to go around, so join us for a few talking points: Michael Scott the demon lord, Captain America’s party years, and the explosive Agatha bomb.

Stir the Plot 24: Raya in the Big Blue House

Curse of the Weredeer: Part Five. The grand finale is here! We make up the plot of Breaking Dawn Part 2 as we finally lay the Weredeer saga to rest, and tie up our many many many many loose ends. Tune in as Bella and the gang turn back the force of darkness with the help of love, courage, and the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees. Some talking points: Derek’s feral childhood, socially distanced lovemaking, and Nightcrawler’s trip to Jesus camp.

Stir the Plot 23: Steve Irwin’s Divine Essence

Curse of the Weredeer: Part Four. There’s only one power in this universe wholesome enough to defeat the forces of evil and bring justice to the Weredeer once and for all. Find out how Jacob and the gang harness this immense energy in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Some talking points: Wendy Wu’s Marvel debut, Lord of the Rings Olympics, and Edward’s salty arousal methods.